Welcome to new Parents

Hello and welcome to ISH from the ISH PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

We hope that you are settling well into your new environment, that the children will enjoy their new school and that all the family is beginning to finding their way around the area.

We believe that an important function of the PTA  is to help welcome new families to the school, so if you join ISH in August you will meet PTA parents at the  Start of Term Coffee Morning and Welcome Evening or if it is later in the school year, then we hope that you will be able to attend the coffee mornings or social activities that we plan for the term.

Please take a moment to fill in your details on the PTA Information Form which will help us plan for the year and see how the PTA can support your family. You will also find a lot more information on our pages Supporting the PTA and About the PTA


PTA News and Information

See our “Dates for Your Diary” page for other social events and activities being held throughout the term. You will also receive details of how to sign up for events by e-mail from the school office.

We send out information via our e-mail newsletters which are usually produced twice a year – you can find them on the “Newsletters” page of this website or on the PTA noticeboard in reception.

The ISH PTA Parent Network Facebook page is another way of reaching out to other parents or adding useful tips such as local events or good restaurants! This is quite a new addition but we hope that the page will prove useful as more parents use it. You can join it at www.facebook.com/ISHPTA

“Look / See Visits”

If you are planning on visiting the area to make a decision about moving here and would like to meet some PTA Parents, please contact us through the PTA e-mail address and we will do our best to meet up with you for a coffee or lunch!

Parking at the school

If you are visiting the Petri campus (PYP/Daycare/Fritids) please note that parking outside in Östra Vallgatan is currently limited to 15 minutes only, and this is subject to change. Parking wardens are quick to issue fines in this area! Parents are also kindly requested to observe the parking regulations in Östra Vallgatan and to be considerate of local residents and other traffic. Badly parked cars lead to unnecessary congestion and safety issues for your children.

When visiting the Nicolai campus (MYP/DP),  you are advised to find on-street parking as the car park immediately next to the ISH building at Munkavägen is for staff only, and again, you could receive a fine if parked incorrectly.

Drop off system for students at Petri

The Petri campus operates a drop off system in the morning in order to alleviate congestion in front of the school and to ensure that our students enter into the school building safely.

Please do not park on the street. Parents are requested to pull up onto the pavement in front of the school,  utilising the entire length of the pavement. Please do not pull up  on the pavement in front of the student home, as this is not permitted and parking guards are often present to prevent cars from stopping. There will be staff members on hand to open car doors and escort the preschool students to the building.

Preschool parents wishing to come into the building, will need to park on the surrounding streets as there are no available spaces at the front of the school. Please note, if your preschool child is enrolled for only 15 hours, they are not able to be dropped off before 8:05 as not all staff are in place until this time.

Please check the current situation with the office or principal before your visit!

Best wishes,

Your PTA