A Big Shout Out!!!

Calling All Parents

With the school growing so quickly it’s vital to show our support for the school and the children.

Every year the PTA pledges to provide 75 SEK per student for class trips and now that we have libraries at both PYP and MYP campuses we have been tasked to find 30,000Kr to buy books and library equipment.

We need your donations and we will also be doing fund raising events, so keep a look out as the dates are released. The recommended donation for the current school year is 300 SEK per student or 500 SEK for families with more than 1 student at the school.

This can be paid directly to the PTA by using
bank giro number: 5605-0214  (please add your children’s name and grade as a reference).

Alternatively, cash can be placed in an envelope with your children’s name and grade as a reference and left at the PYP office, or perhaps the most convenient of all options is to visit the PTA web page and make your donation online using our secure PayPal facility.

While you are browsing our website please take a moment to fill in the registration form, which helps us to keep in touch with you and assists in the planning the year’s activities for how the PTA can support your family.

You can also support the PTA by volunteering to become a Class Parent, PTA Board Member, or a PTA Volunteer to help at one-off events. Please fill in the relevant part of the attached form on the website.




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