The Future of the PTA lies in your hands

What’s the problem?

At the recent PTA Annual General Meeting no nominations were received for the position of Chairperson. So what? What does the Chairperson do? Why do we need one?

The Chairperson is the head of the PTA organisation. For that reason the Chairperson must be the parent of a student that attends ISH. The Chairperson at a minimum should expect to attend a one hour meeting once a month, listen to suggestions of how to improve the school experience for students and, together with the Secretary and Treasurer make some policy and operational decisions.

It’s a key role in the PTA and without a Chairperson the PTA cannot legally exist and must be disbanded.

So, the PTA may cease to exist. So what?

ISH will go on, but as ISH is not legally allowed to ask parents to contribute money for class activities or excursions (bus fares etc.) then alternatives will need to be found to fund school events, books in the libraries, playground equipment, colouring pencils, excursions and learning beyond the classroom.

Without this input the quality of the learning experience for all ISH students will be lessened.

I want my child to have quality education but I don’t have time to contribute

So, what do you want and what will you do to get it?

Some of the criticisms I have heard of the PTA:

  • The PTA runs social events but I don’t have time to socialize
  • The PTA is always asking for money
  • PTA meetings go on too long and are just a “talk-fest” – nothing gets done

If the current PTA activities don’t suit you then speak up and let others know what needs to change. It’s our organisation – all of us – not just a few. We sink or swim together, and at the current time if we do not find a Chairperson by 1 April 2018, we all sink.

Days before the PTA is disbanded:



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