Become a Class Parent or a Volunteer

Class Parent

Class Parents are key positions in the organisation of ISH PTA. Together with the teacher and other parents they:


  • Co-ordinate special activities for your child’s class,
  • Act as a link between the class teacher, the parents of that class and the PTA,
  • Co-ordinate the end of year ‘thank you’ for the class or mentor teacher,
  • Forward additional information about class events to the parents using the parent e-mail list provided by the class teacher when required.
Please note, as a Class Parent, you are not expected to become a spokesperson for issues raised by other parents. Attendance at ISH PTA board meetings are not included in the task.

PTA Volunteer

ISH PTA organises social events, after-school activities, fund-raising, school merchandising and helping the school when needed. To be able to do all this volunteers are needed to help out with these activities. You can choose to volunteer at a single event or join them all! This is great way to get to know new people and at the same time contribute to the school. We also welcome and support new ideas about what can be arranged for the school from the parents’ side. To get involved use the PTA Membership form or use the Contact form.

Link to Current Class Representatives