How the PTA operates

How the PTA operates

All Parents of children attending ISH are automatically members of ISH PTA. Each year an AGM is held and the PTA board is elected from the membership. The board serves for 1 year from January through to December and consists of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Prior to the election an announcement will be issued requesting candidates for these positions.  Parents will then elect from those who have volunteered to stand for any contested positions (i.e. if only one person volunteers, an election for that position will not be held). It is also possible (and sometimes desirable) for a position to be held jointly by 2 people.

A description of the Roles and Responsibilities of PTA Board Members can be found here.

The PTA Board meets monthly in term-time to discuss issues affecting the school and to raise issues from other parents. Meetings are open to all members and minutes of the meetings will be posted on the PTA website.

Class Parents

In addition to the PTA Board there are Class Parents for each class, who act as a link between parents with children in the class and the PTA.  The Class Parents are expected to meet at least once at the beginning of the year to discuss the overall plan for the coming school year. They play an active role in assisting with preparations for their class stall at the Winter Fair and helping arrange class events.

For more information on the Role of a Class Parent please click here

Facebook Page – “ISH PTA Parent Network”            

The PTA has its own Facebook page which is designed to help parents notify others about their own businesses, items for sale, ask questions about local facilities, etc. It is also used to notify other ISH parents of local events or businesses which might be of interest and to remind them of forthcoming PTA events or sign-ups. Please “like” this page so that you can be kept up to date with our events!

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