ISH Facebook Page Rules

ISH PTA – Facebook Page Rules

Welcome to the page where ISH PTA members can advertise items for sale, homes to let, or their own businesses to the ISH community. It’s a friendly, easy way for members to help each other out. It’s NOT a forum for grumbles or complaints, so please use it in the spirit in which it was intended!

  1. Abusive or threatening behavior of any type will not be tolerated by this site.
    The Administrators will remove anything considered inappropriate by the PTA
    Board Members. We will ban individuals if necessary and report any mismisdemeanors to Facebook and/or other authorities as appropriate.
  2. Item description. When listing an item for sale or rent, please put in enough
    information, e.g. price, location, description, to save people asking lots of questions. Descriptions must be accurate and not misleading. Do not sell anything harmful or unsafe.
  3. Businesses & Services. You are welcome to advertise your own company or
    services but please do not flood the wall with constant information.
  4. First refusal. Please give the first person who shows interest “first refusal”, to
    make things as fair as possible. If they do not reply within 24 hours, it is reasonable to then offer to the next person who has shown interest. This will hopefully stop any bad feeling or upset over an item. Please leave a comment for all to see so that your interest is clear to everyone.
  5. Personal Information. When a sale has been agreed, please exchange contact
    details via private message, including telephone numbers in case of problems with pick-up or delivery. DO NOT show contact details or addresses publicly.
  6. Posting items. Although there is no limit to the number of items you can have on the wall, we ask that you upload or repost in bunches of 5 at any one time and at intervals so that the wall isn’t flooded with one person’s posts. Please delete your post after your item has been sold.
  7. Failure to collect or deliver. We ask that if a member has repeatedly not
    collected or delivered items agreed on after reasonable attempts to contact them, please advise the Administrators of the member’s name. If Admin receive 3 similar complaints about the same member, the member will be deleted from the group.
  8. ISH PTA / Administrators take no responsibility for items that are faulty
    or not what you expected. Please check items when you collect them and before any money has been exchanged. Please seek legal advice when necessary, e.g. when renting a property.
  9. Contact. If you have any queries please e-mail Admin at

We hope you will get lots of use out of this Facebook page!