Minutes of 2018 PTA AGM

For the information of members please find links to the minutes of the recent AGM.

On behalf of all members we say a big thank you to the outgoing Chairperson Ruth Kerry and  Secretary JP Alouan. Ruth and JP served for 2 years and did a sterling job.

Now it’s your turn. Det din tur idag!

We have two vacancies  –

  • Chairperson
  • Organiser for the Spring Fair.

Step up and make your mark.

ISH PTA – AGM 2018 – Minutes

ISH PTA – Annual Report 2018

The Future of the PTA lies in your hands

What’s the problem?

At the recent PTA Annual General Meeting no nominations were received for the position of Chairperson. So what? What does the Chairperson do? Why do we need one?

The Chairperson is the head of the PTA organisation. For that reason the Chairperson must be the parent of a student that attends ISH. The Chairperson at a minimum should expect to attend a one hour meeting once a month, listen to suggestions of how to improve the school experience for students and, together with the Secretary and Treasurer make some policy and operational decisions.

It’s a key role in the PTA and without a Chairperson the PTA cannot legally exist and must be disbanded.

So, the PTA may cease to exist. So what?

ISH will go on, but as ISH is not legally allowed to ask parents to contribute money for class activities or excursions (bus fares etc.) then alternatives will need to be found to fund school events, books in the libraries, playground equipment, colouring pencils, excursions and learning beyond the classroom.

Without this input the quality of the learning experience for all ISH students will be lessened.

I want my child to have quality education but I don’t have time to contribute

So, what do you want and what will you do to get it?

Some of the criticisms I have heard of the PTA:

  • The PTA runs social events but I don’t have time to socialize
  • The PTA is always asking for money
  • PTA meetings go on too long and are just a “talk-fest” – nothing gets done

If the current PTA activities don’t suit you then speak up and let others know what needs to change. It’s our organisation – all of us – not just a few. We sink or swim together, and at the current time if we do not find a Chairperson by 1 April 2018, we all sink.

Days before the PTA is disbanded:



2018 Coffee Mornings

Join the PTA for coffee at the Konserthuset (Enter via Door C) between 8:30AM and 10:00AM on:

  • 6 February
  • 13 March
  • 10 April
  • 8 May
  • 5 June
  • 14 August

Bring a friend – all are welcome!

Welcome to ISH 2008 – Notice of PTA meeting 17 Jan.

We start off this new year with our first PTA meeting on 17 January at 4PM in the Conference room of the PYP Campus. All are welcome to attend.

The agenda so far contains two topics:

  1. Future Events
  2. PTA AGM

Any items for the agenda can be to the secretary JP at secretary@ishpta.se

Minutes from the previous meeting are attached here.

The AGM is coming up soon and we are looking for new energy to take up some of the key positions in ISH PTA. It’s very rewarding work so please consider nomination.

Chess club is very popular and resumes on 22 January. Places are limited and the small number still available will fill fast. Sign up here.

Thanks from the Chair

I would like to pass a big thank to you to all for making the Winter Fair a big success.
Please pass this on to your volunteers, to the teachers for all their help and support, to the class Booths, the Winter Cafe staff, the setting up & cleaning crews from MYP, and the parents for helping to celebrate the ISH school in all its culture.
The Tree Ornament competition winners Book Token Vouchers are with Ms Sally Drury, who will announce K/PYP winners, and pass the MYP winners to Mr McAneney. The list of winners will be in the Newsletter on Friday.
Best Wishes to you all and have a peaceful Sunday to recover.

After School Chess Club

Hey PYP 2, 3 & 4 Students, do you know how to play chess?

Join the PTA After School Chess Club.

The activity is led by members of the Helsingborg Chess Association.

Maximum participants: 20

Note: You must be able to play chess, the club does not provide tuition.

This term: Monday 27 November and 11 December 2017.
Next term: Starting 22 January 2018 then every 2nd Monday (even week numbers).

PYP5A classroom 14:55 – 15:55


Sign up here

A Big Shout Out!!!

Calling All Parents

With the school growing so quickly it’s vital to show our support for the school and the children.

Every year the PTA pledges to provide 75 SEK per student for class trips and now that we have libraries at both PYP and MYP campuses we have been tasked to find 30,000Kr to buy books and library equipment.

We need your donations and we will also be doing fund raising events, so keep a look out as the dates are released. The recommended donation for the current school year is 300 SEK per student or 500 SEK for families with more than 1 student at the school.

This can be paid directly to the PTA by using
bank giro number: 5605-0214  (please add your children’s name and grade as a reference).

Alternatively, cash can be placed in an envelope with your children’s name and grade as a reference and left at the PYP office, or perhaps the most convenient of all options is to visit the PTA web page and make your donation online using our secure PayPal facility.

While you are browsing our website please take a moment to fill in the registration form, which helps us to keep in touch with you and assists in the planning the year’s activities for how the PTA can support your family.

You can also support the PTA by volunteering to become a Class Parent, PTA Board Member, or a PTA Volunteer to help at one-off events. Please fill in the relevant part of the attached form on the website.




Welcome to new Parents

Hello and welcome to ISH from the ISH PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

We hope that you are settling well into your new environment, that the children will enjoy their new school and that all the family is beginning to finding their way around the area.

We believe that an important function of the PTA  is to help welcome new families to the school, so if you join ISH in August you will meet PTA parents at the  Start of Term Coffee Morning and Welcome Evening or if it is later in the school year, then we hope that you will be able to attend the coffee mornings or social activities that we plan for the term.

Please take a moment to fill in your details on the PTA Information Form which will help us plan for the year and see how the PTA can support your family. You will also find a lot more information on our pages Supporting the PTA and About the PTA

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PTA Fund Raising and Donations

The PTA is able to make contributions toward improving the physical and educational environment at ISH through a variety of fundraising activities, but mainly through voluntary membership donations we collect at the beginning of every school year.

Parents are kindly requested to make a voluntary donation to the PTA in order to help support its fundraising efforts. More information can be found on the page “Supporting the PTA“.

The recommended donation for the current school year is 300 SEK per student or 500 SEK for families with more than 1 student at the school.

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