New PTA Board has been elected

The new members of the PTA would like to introduce themselves briefly.

The new Chairperson is:
Kimberly Fischer, originally from Germany with a Child in PYP3.

New Secretary is:
Ryan Inkley, originally from South Africa and has two children in EY.

The Position of the Treasurer retains with Kapil Agrawal.

We look forward to many great projects and lively communication
with parents and teachers of the ISH Family !

AGM Meeting – Time to reshuffle and elect!

PTA – Participate actively now and Support your children’s school

Grow together for an easy endeavour!

We would like to invite all parents of ISH students to attend our Annual General Meeting.

April 11, 2023 

4:30pm – 5:30pm 

at the PYP campus.


Finance Report will be presented and the election of the new PTA Board Members. 

The detailed agenda can be found on the PTA website :

What is the mission of the PTA ?

  • To conduct fundraisers in which children and parents can participate to raise money to fund classroom supplies, equipment, field trips and other activities for the benefit of all ISH students.
  • Nurturing a working relationship between parents and teachers.
  • Provide a platform for parents to discuss topics and issues affecting their children.
  • To foster an atmosphere of unity among the many families with children enrolled at ISH.
  • To welcome new families and facilitate their children’s enrolment at ISH.
  • Social and professional networking among ISH parents.

What Events are there ?

Morning Coffee

Monthly meetings for all interested parents at which current topics (e.g. upcoming events) are discussed, as well as questions and issues that arise.

Board Meetings

Monthly meeting of the PTA including principals to discuss issues affecting the school and possibly address parent issues. 

Meetings are open to all parents and minutes of the meetings are posted on the PTA website.

AGM – Annual General Meeting

This meeting is used to elect new PTA Board Members:

 Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary!

Additional Agenda and Benefits,

  • Finance Report will be presented.
  • Any parent may run for election for any of the above positions. 
  • If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the PTA.
  • It is open to all parents and we look forward to active participation in order to conduct the election of the Board Members in accordance with the Constitution.
  • These are all wonderful opportunities for all parents of ISH children to get to know about PTA and become actively involved.

Coffee Morning

The first Coffee Morning of the year 2023 will be held on Feb 17 – 8.45 AM at MYP campus. Please join us for a sweet coffee along with handful snacks. It will be an interesting day, as we are going to gather at MYP campus. Kindly join us and enjoy a wonderful time!.

PTA Meeting – Feb 2023

Hej All, Hope it was a Fabulous new year and Holidays for everyone after the pandemic. Here we go with the first PTA Meeting of 2023. The agenda has more insights and please join us to have a view on 03-Feb-2023, 8.15 – 9 AM CET. We are please to see you there for a lovely shake hands!…