Happy Holidays

Another year over and another Studenten celebration. Well done and congratulations to all of our ISH Graduates.

It was a very hot day and the PTA drinks tent provided much needed refreshments for all.

Thanks must go to Niam Dabbous and her team from DP1, and the staff of MYP and DP for all their help on the day.

Enjoy the holidays!

One Reply to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Just a personal note of thanks from me to the PTA and the staff of ISH.
    The school is the focus of the international community in Helsingborg and the PTA deserves much more support from past and current parents than it currently receives, which is a shame. People make an organisation great and participation makes a culture active. If you don’t participate then you miss out!
    Cheers and best wishes for the future
    Brendon Sidebottom

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